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Global Democracy???

I was on good old FB and saw a post a friend put up about the ridiculous beauty standards we hold.  It show an average looking woman doing a photo shoot, then the magical transformation to turn her into one of the beautiful ones.  The video really put it into perspective.  I gotta quit wanting to look like them because they aren’t real.  Got it, point made.  However, the video doesn’t end there.  Watch it here.

There is an ad by Global Democracy about a global proposal to encourage mandatory disclaimers when manipulating bodies in advertising.  Sounds like a nice idea, I guess.  I hadn’t heard of Global Democracy so I looked it up and it got a WTF response from me.  They feel that if the People of the World vote on “issues”, then the governments and businesses will have to comply, thus making the world a better place for all!  It’s nothing more than a bunch of public opinion poles.  You have to register for the site to vote.  I didn’t.  It’s run by the POW (President of the World). I’m not sure what the real agenda for this is.  I’m hoping it’s just a bunch of goof balls that want to feel that they are doing something important.


More on Agenda 21

This video adds a little more info and evidence to my previous post, Agenda 21 for Dummies. Some of it repeats but there is new stuff in it. Share it! Let this get out there. The more people know about this the more resistance there will be. I know that only 3% of the population was responsible for the success of the American Revolution. Now we are not only going against our own government (at that time, the King) and sheeple (our friends and family that think we are crazy), but we are up against the world elite. Control of our food, medicine, education, energy, environment, money, weapons and thinking are all necessary. Isn’t this what is happening now?

Murder By Medical Devices

I went to lunch with my dad one day and he brought up an interesting point. He recently had a pacemaker implanted. I asked how the unit was doing, if he was feeling better since he had it, the usual questions. Then he mentioned that Dick Cheney had the wireless disabled in his because he was afraid of hackers assassinating him. I thought dad had a good point (as I am now part of the conspiracy theory crowd). It has been shown that they can be manipulated remotely. What better way to eliminate a good segment of the population than to disable the very units keeping them alive? It is a credible enough threat that the FDA has issued recommendations to manufacturers to make the units less susceptible to being hacked. I’m not sure that I would trust the government to make recommendations about technology ( jumps to mind here). Of course, I don’t trust the government much anyway. And I’m thinking that this may be a way of population control under Agenda 21. Conspiracy? I guess that remains to be seen, but by the time we see it, it will be too late.

Paul Harvey Got It Right

I’m sure when the people heard this back in 1965 they thought he was crazy. The thought of this type of thing happening may have seemed impossible. It’s easy to let these types of theories go in one ear and out the other. And even if they paid attention at that point in time, I’m sure that life got in the way and these changes went unnoticed. Little bits of freedom, small changes to our way of life, get bigger and bigger until things are not the same. We need to pay attention to the crack pots sometimes.

Agenda 21 for Dummies

I had somewhat of an idea of what Agenda 21 was, but this explained it well.  I had no idea of the extent of this plan.  It is designed to undo our entire way of life.  Depopulation, relocation, loss of personal property, no freedom of choice, guilty until proven innocent.  None of this sounds like a world that I want to live in.  It may take a while to get to that point, but it’s not impossible.  As it states in the video, if you can reprogram a generation of children, the plan can be implemented with little resistance.  Indoctrination will, and I believe has, replaced education.


The Undoing of America

He just doesn’t stop.  The Trans Pacific Partnership is a treaty that our “president” ‘Bama is working on behind the scenes.  Here is an article from The D.C. Clothesline that explains it all.  Be sure to check the links he has in there.

Are We Crackpots?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the end of life as we know it is coming to a quick end.  There’s a lot of  things happening.  If you take each thing by itself you can come to the conclusion that it’s no big deal.  Put all these things together and look at the big picture you will have a HOLY SHIT!!! moment.  Just to name a few…..

Gun Control;  some may see this as a time for a “common sense” approach to removing the hazards that guns create in our society.  We’re civilized and don’t need them, especially after the Sandy Hook school shooting (conspiracy).  Others see this as a direct attack on our rights, a way to try to disarm the population to succumb to a tyrannical government.  Disarming the people is usually followed by mass killings by the government was said they would protect you.

Ammo Shortage;  some people are assuming that there is no ammo because we “right wing nut jobs” are panic buying all the ammo.  I’ll give you that – we have been buying more than we ever have.  But lets not forget about all the ammo that DHS is buying.  IRS and Social Security also.  This could be plan B if the gun bans and restrictions do go as planned. They’ll take the ammo.  Our guns are useless without the ammo aren’t they?  What the hell is SSA going to do – shoot the old people to save a few bucks??

Obamacare; enough said on that one.  The one thing that really gets me with this is the electronic medical records.  Some may say it’s a good thing.  Your information will be available if you are unresponsive, your care between different doctors will be more consistent and it will help weed out the “drug seekers”.  The down side to this??  EVERYONE has access to your medical records – nosey nurses, employers or potential employers, the government, computer hackers, and I’m sure your information will be sold.  If you are diagnosed with something new and all of a sudden start getting junk mail for the condition (and you didn’t request anything) you will know it.

Economy;  What happened in Cyprus can happen anywhere.  No place is immune to this evil plot.  The plans are, and have been in place for a long time. NWO is emerging.

TSA; our touchy feely buddies at the airports.  They have nothing to do with our safety. It’s all about conditioning people.  We are herded through gates like cattle.  We are individually scanned and/or fondled, told what line to stand in, present ID, empty your pockets, take off your shoes.

FEMA Camps; or shall I say internment centers? Can they be used to help people after a natural disaster?  Sure.  Can they be used to indefinitely detain “domestic terrorists”?  Yup.

These make up just a little piece of the big picture.

And don’t forget to watch Agenda: Grinding America Down if you haven’t yet.  It explains a lot.


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