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Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined. — Patrick Henry

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Doing Your “Business” When You Carry

One of the hard thing when you are a woman trying to conceal carry is trying to go to the bathroom. It may sound kind of stupid to you guys who just have to stand there and whip it out, although you if you have to shit then welcome to our world. There is just not a good way to go comfortably while trying to make sure you don’t expose your weapon and freak some liberal out in the stall next to you. Or worse yet, dropping or forgetting your gun. I usually have mine in a holster on my belt. When I sit the weight of the gun obviously causes a problem. Rather than unholstering it, I fasten the belt around my thighs until I’m done. This doesn’t work if I have to hover. Here is an article from The Well Armed Woman with a little bit of helpful advice on the subject.


“Assault Rifle” Transformation

I hate the term.  All that does is try to make the rifle sound like a bad thing.  Why isn’t there an outcry to ban Assault Cars when someone gets killed by a drunk or an Assault Tire Iron?  It’s just a way for the deceptive ones to try to twist the thoughts of those who may not otherwise know or care about these things.  Here is a video to show the reality of the Dreaded Assault Rifle.

And I Carry

Here is an interesting video about who carries.  You never know, and neither do the criminals.

I know that I should carry more, but I work at a “no weapons on the premises” kind of place.  I can’t even have one in my car.  That makes it kind of hard to have a belt with an empty holster on it at work. That’s no excuse for the weekends now is it?

Excellent Argument Against “Gun Control”

Dick’s Sporting Goods Run By Dicks??

I know that I’m not writing much these days.  It seems that there is info overload out there and I don’t want to add to it.  Most of the others do a better job of writing and presenting things than I do as well.  I’m also lazy.  But this caught my interest.

I’m sure that most of you remember that Dick’s was one of the first to jump on the Sandy Hook bandwagon and stop selling those mean looking bad “military style assault weapons”.  And they paid for it.  Loss of sales that they attributed to the  Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal most definitely includes loss of gun sales.  So, in order to increase the corporate sales without Dick’s having to noticeably eating crow, they have a new branch of stores called Field & Stream which sells, you guessed it, semi-automatic rifles (also known as military style assault weapons in certain circles).  Nice move DIck’s!  You miss our money.

I’m sure that they will miss the investors money as well.  Apparently, by opening these stores, they are violating The Sandy Hook Principals of investing.  This is a list of 20 measures to allegedly curb gun violence – that companies making or selling guns and ammunition must support to avoid “economic divestment actions.”  In other words, investment and pension companies will pull their stock out of their portfolios if they don’t agree to this and/or fail to comply.

It’s not just the government that is trying to disarm us.  It’s coming from many directions.

If you are boycotting Dick’s, be sure to add Field & Stream to the list.

Mags vs. Clips


Save Us Chuck Woolery

Aaron Weiss, Iraq combat vet, speaks brilliantly to Dutchess County

Hi Capacity Mag vs. Standard Capacity Mag

I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked “What do you need a 30 round clip for?”  Typical question isn’t it?  My answer has been “It’s called a magazine and 30 round magazines are just fucking fun!”  My mother didn’t appreciate that answer and she didn’t talk to me for a few days. But other than that I get eye rolls and then they leave me alone.

There is a difference between Hi and Standard capacity mags.  My Glock has 15 rounds.  The 30 round magazine we got for it is what I would consider a Hi capacity for that gun(yes we got one for it – just had to!!)  The mags for my AR are 30 round – standard capacity.  If I can find a mag that holds more I may consider it.  Just because I can!!!!

But on a more serious note, here is a PSA that should make most of those who want to know why you need more than 7 or 10 rounds hopefully change their minds.  I know that there are those freaks out there that don’t think they should fight back if someone wants to harm them or their family.  Me, I’ll do my best to protect my own.

Go Home Piers!

Love this!

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