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Excellent Argument Against “Gun Control”


No Respect

I don’t know what would be worse, actually knowing that your loved one died in a war, or having no confirmation as to what happened to them.  People are working on identifying the unknown remains buried in the national cemeteries across the country.  Pissing matches between government agencies is making that information difficult to impossible to get.  It’s really quite sad.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Run By Dicks??

I know that I’m not writing much these days.  It seems that there is info overload out there and I don’t want to add to it.  Most of the others do a better job of writing and presenting things than I do as well.  I’m also lazy.  But this caught my interest.

I’m sure that most of you remember that Dick’s was one of the first to jump on the Sandy Hook bandwagon and stop selling those mean looking bad “military style assault weapons”.  And they paid for it.  Loss of sales that they attributed to the  Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal most definitely includes loss of gun sales.  So, in order to increase the corporate sales without Dick’s having to noticeably eating crow, they have a new branch of stores called Field & Stream which sells, you guessed it, semi-automatic rifles (also known as military style assault weapons in certain circles).  Nice move DIck’s!  You miss our money.

I’m sure that they will miss the investors money as well.  Apparently, by opening these stores, they are violating The Sandy Hook Principals of investing.  This is a list of 20 measures to allegedly curb gun violence – that companies making or selling guns and ammunition must support to avoid “economic divestment actions.”  In other words, investment and pension companies will pull their stock out of their portfolios if they don’t agree to this and/or fail to comply.

It’s not just the government that is trying to disarm us.  It’s coming from many directions.

If you are boycotting Dick’s, be sure to add Field & Stream to the list.

Remaining Silent Isn’t Enough Anymore

The Supreme Court recently ruled that if you want to take the Fifth, you must tell them that you want to take the Fifth.  If you just remain silent it can and will be used against you, even if you are not under arrest.

Read their review of SALINAS v. TEXAS.  It’s disturbing to say the least.

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