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Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined. — Patrick Henry

No Guns, No Cats. Is This Our Future??

I was perusing the internet this afternoon on my lunch break and found an article about killer cats.  There was a study done about the effects of cats on the bird and rodent small mammal populations.  The first thing that got me was the fact that money was spent on such a stupid topic.  I know that’s nothing new.  It’s not like the money could be put to better use, but I guess it keeps people employed so that’s something.  According to the study cats (both house and feral) kill 3.7 million birds and 20.7 million small mammals (politically correct term) in the US each year.  I was reading this and thinking (sarcastically) that congress should consider a Cat Ban to save all those innocent lives.  Even if the ban saved just one life it would be worth it, right?  I got to the bottom of the article and there was a reference to  New Zealand wanting to eradicate cats – A Cat Ban!!  A quick google search of “New Zealand cat ban” brought me to Could A Cat Ban In New Zealand Save Birds?.  Yes, there is a jackass in New Zealand that wants to get rid of all the cats in the country.  His ideas are to not get another one when your cat dies (non-transferrable), confining them to a house or special enclosure (locked up) and registration (leads to confiscation).

What is the correlation between guns and cats?  Another google search of “New Zealand Gun Laws” brought me to where I read the gun laws for New Zealand.  Their gun laws seem to be a lot like what is trying to be pushed down our throats here.  So if the pattern persists it will be our guns first, then our cats.  I’m not giving up either.

AKAT-47 compliments of


This is one of mine when he was a baby.  Such a cutie!

This is one of mine when he was a baby. Such a cutie!


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