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Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined. — Patrick Henry

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The Media Sucks!

I know journalists have a job to do.  Sometimes it’s a tough job.  Real journalists who report facts as presented are a rare breed these days.  I’m talking about the ones who are able to refrain from injecting their own bias and opinion into what should be a news article.  News to me means facts.  A news article’s purpose should not be to influence my opinion, but give me information to form my opinion.  Unfortunately no real journalists work for the New York Post.  Adam Lanza was a monster.  That is the only type of “person” that could do what he did.  The Post is painting his mother as one too.   Phrases like “weapon-loving Nancy Lanza” and “taught her son how to become a killing machine” and referring to her 5 guns as an arsenal** simply cater to what I guess is their primary audience (any we know who they are). I would call them jackasses.  That’s just my opinion.

Some people are even saying that Adam isn’t responsible – SHE IS!!!  While I don’t agree with that, this is an opinion piece and I can at least respect their opinion.

I think both articles are crap.  She is not here to defend herself or explain the situation. No one is trying to give her a voice. They are just trying to turn her into a villain too.  I must be a bad mother – both my kids know how to shoot.

**Note – 5 guns do not make an arsenal.  Having guns is like having cats – you can’t just have one!    🙂


The Signs Are Out There

This kept me up too late.  It’s a long one but worth reading and watching the videos.  After this all I can say is we’re fucked!

Have a good night!

I’m Moving to Kennesaw Georgia

Here is a town you probably never heard of unless you are near Atlanta.  They have a mandatory gun law! The population has grown.  Crime has fallen.  Felons and the mentally unstable are not armed.

There will be gun control issues coming about due to the recent school shooting.  Do you think that this town will be mentioned in any of their statistics?  No.  I’m sure they won’t mention how things are in Australia or England with their guns gone.  The one thing they seem to forget is that criminals don’t care about laws.  Do you think they will disarm their body guards?  No.  It sucks when the people who make the laws are above the law.




Obama Christ

This is interesting.  We all know that some people are just crazy.  Here is a group of crazies.  I’m not sure if they are still around or not.  If they are they haven’t done anything since 2009.  It ‘s a fun site to play with.  I think I should feel bad because they won’t let me join.  I keep getting a message saying “You are not worthy”.  I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

TSA Wins!

Ok – we all know that security is needed.  It’s a dangerous world and we can’t keep all the nut jobs out.  BUT – how far do we want to go to “protect” ourselves?  TSA has a tough job (don’t laugh – I’m getting to my point).  It’s a lot of responsibility to try to find the nuts (I’m being nice by just calling them nuts) and keep them off of the flights.  I’m personally glad that they are trying.  BUT – is it necessary to harass travelers?  There should be limits to where and how they can search fondle you.  I guess there’s not.   I’m not sure what will be more humiliating – a trip to the gyno or a trip on an airplane.  I dread both.

I would try to write a little more but it’s late and my cat won’t stay off my lap.  He’s making it hard to type so GOOD NIGHT!


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