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Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined. — Patrick Henry

Oh Good Gawd!!!


Does anyone else have a problem with a warship named after an anti-gun former Senator? U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords is named after the founder of Americans For Responsible Solutions, Gabby Giffords. Yes, the fact that she was shot is awful. I don’t with that on anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Are they taking the guns off this ship? I’m sure that the fire power of a US Navy vessel is far greater that what the average US citizen has (there may be a few exceptions, of course). Just more hypocracy to deal with.


Pre Liberal Climate Change??


According to the Old Farmers Almanac Facebook page, “On this day in 1887, 3.7 inches of snow fell in San Francisco, California.”
I like to think of it as just weather. Can you imagine what would happen if this were to happen now?? Regulations, legislation and protesters OH MY!!

Doing Your “Business” When You Carry

One of the hard thing when you are a woman trying to conceal carry is trying to go to the bathroom. It may sound kind of stupid to you guys who just have to stand there and whip it out, although you if you have to shit then welcome to our world. There is just not a good way to go comfortably while trying to make sure you don’t expose your weapon and freak some liberal out in the stall next to you. Or worse yet, dropping or forgetting your gun. I usually have mine in a holster on my belt. When I sit the weight of the gun obviously causes a problem. Rather than unholstering it, I fasten the belt around my thighs until I’m done. This doesn’t work if I have to hover. Here is an article from The Well Armed Woman with a little bit of helpful advice on the subject.

Common Sense

A dog can learn what some people can’t…

“Assault Rifle” Transformation

I hate the term.  All that does is try to make the rifle sound like a bad thing.  Why isn’t there an outcry to ban Assault Cars when someone gets killed by a drunk or an Assault Tire Iron?  It’s just a way for the deceptive ones to try to twist the thoughts of those who may not otherwise know or care about these things.  Here is a video to show the reality of the Dreaded Assault Rifle.

I’m Baaaaack!

I had to take a little break from this blogging thing. Took a little longer than I thought DOH! It’s amazing how quickly time goes by as we get older. I swear it was just Christmas about 2 weeks ago! Time just got away from me. Not sure if anyone missed me or not (probably not) but that’s OK. I will try to find some interesting stuff to throw on here once in a while. Have a nice day/evening/night!


The Constitution Song

WE Are the Enemy



Global Democracy???

I was on good old FB and saw a post a friend put up about the ridiculous beauty standards we hold.  It show an average looking woman doing a photo shoot, then the magical transformation to turn her into one of the beautiful ones.  The video really put it into perspective.  I gotta quit wanting to look like them because they aren’t real.  Got it, point made.  However, the video doesn’t end there.  Watch it here.

There is an ad by Global Democracy about a global proposal to encourage mandatory disclaimers when manipulating bodies in advertising.  Sounds like a nice idea, I guess.  I hadn’t heard of Global Democracy so I looked it up and it got a WTF response from me.  They feel that if the People of the World vote on “issues”, then the governments and businesses will have to comply, thus making the world a better place for all!  It’s nothing more than a bunch of public opinion poles.  You have to register for the site to vote.  I didn’t.  It’s run by the POW (President of the World). I’m not sure what the real agenda for this is.  I’m hoping it’s just a bunch of goof balls that want to feel that they are doing something important.

More on Agenda 21

This video adds a little more info and evidence to my previous post, Agenda 21 for Dummies. Some of it repeats but there is new stuff in it. Share it! Let this get out there. The more people know about this the more resistance there will be. I know that only 3% of the population was responsible for the success of the American Revolution. Now we are not only going against our own government (at that time, the King) and sheeple (our friends and family that think we are crazy), but we are up against the world elite. Control of our food, medicine, education, energy, environment, money, weapons and thinking are all necessary. Isn’t this what is happening now?

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